All psychotherapy is really about joining a relationship with another person (the therapist). With time, trust and a sense of security are created, "a room" where the possibility of growing and repairing is optimized. A warm and respectful approach and absolute confidentiality are a natural basis for our contact. We start with three introductory sessions where we can see how the cooperation/ambiance feels. After these, we usually continue psychotherapy starting with putting together a treatment plan. If it does not feel right, you will be helped to find another therapist or method. 


I work from a psychodynamic basic view with relational/affective orientation. We humans are largely defined by our relationships. It is also important that psychotherapy means that emotions are displayed in the room, explained and integrated. We strive for a holistic view where different personality traits, bodily expressions, thoughts and mental states creates a complex whole. Different symptoms such as anxiety and depression can be important signals that something needs to be changed. At a pace that feels right, together we undertake an inner journey.